More and more quality studies are coming out which link the health of your body, specifically your heart, to the quality of your nutrition. Unfortunately, scientists are slow to spread news to the general public. What does reach the public is susceptible to manipulation from industries, specifically the pharmaceutical industry, which loses out as a result of people taking better care of their health naturally. There is often a set pattern of information manipulation, called disinformation, used to keep the public in the dark and keep powerful industries making immense profit from unnecessary suffering.

7 ways science is lying to you

Industry conducted studies are massively financed and create bias in the volume of information.

Some studies have data removed or statistical manipulation to change the impact of the data.

Scientists are paid to speak on behalf of industry and make the biased science seem legitimate.

Scientists who speak out against the profitable status quo are threatened and their reputation damaged.

Empowering studies are belittled in the public eye by the media to make them seem trivial.

Regulatory bodies are manipulated by money and heavily lobbied to influence policies.

Many health organisations and charities, who seem unbiased, are in fact heavily funded by pharma.

Nutrition is medicine and science is slowly proving it. At Celtic Nutrition, we believe that choosing to educate yourself with empowering science is the only way to overcome the industry brainwashing. We support our customers to take charge of their own health with our unique health supplements providing full body nourishment for a healthy heart, body and mind.


The Celtic Nutrition Guarantee

Celtic Nutrition develops heart health supplements with exceptional quality, potency and bioavailability. The Celtic Nutrition quality mark guarantees that every ingredient in our product is:

  • Selected for optimum nutritional value not cost.
  • The highest purity and quality available.
  • Natural, organic and free of contamination.
  • Bioavailable and readily absorbed by your body.
  • Tested to ensure synergy with the other ingredients.

My experience has shown me that most diseases are not ‘genetic’ they are in fact caused by nutrient deficiencies. My patients have seen profound results by simply restoring their nutritional balance. It’s not what you eat that matters, but what you absorb.

David Burke