Body Balance Healthy Heart

The medical profession has overlooked the immense power of nutrition to heal the body and instead promoted pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. Fortunately, times are changing and the world is starting to see that quite simply, we are what we eat. At a cellular level, nutrition has the power to rapidly invigorate cells and support the body to heal and regenerate.

Heart Disease – The leading cause of death globally

Despite extensive research, huge sums of money, specialist doctors and a stream of diets and drugs – including low cholesterol diets, cholesterol lowering butters and yogurts, and statin drugs – death due to heart disease continues to rise.

The medical world applies a five-point check list to determine if you are a susceptible to heart disease. Sadly, getting enough nutrition doesn’t even appear on the list:

  1. History of heart disease
  2. History of diabetes
  3. High blood pressure
  4. High blood cholesterol
  5. Smoking

This series of questions has made no difference to heart disease, as it is now worse than ever, with even kids dying in school playgrounds of sudden death syndrome.

What if the human body could be nourished with the nutritional components needed to thrive? Our ‘Body Balance – Healthy Heart’ health supplement has been formulated to provide full body nourishment to help the body to rebalance and promote good heart health. Your Heart Health Most cardiovascular problems are created by three core elements:
  1. Lack of blood supply to the heart
  2. Blood fluidity controlled by hormones
  3. Inflexible vessels thickened with plaque
The ingredients in Celtic Nutrition’s ‘Body Balance – Healthy Heart’ were chosen and carefully blended to prevent the three core problems that contribute to heart disease


The Celtic Nutrition Guarantee

Celtic Nutrition develops heart health supplements with exceptional quality, potency and bioavailability. The Celtic Nutrition quality mark guarantees that every ingredient in our product is:

  • Selected for optimum nutritional value not cost.
  • The highest purity and quality available.
  • Natural, organic and free of contamination.
  • Bioavailable and readily absorbed by your body.
  • Tested to ensure synergy with the other ingredients.

My experience has shown me that most diseases are not ‘genetic’ they are in fact caused by nutrient deficiencies. My patients have seen profound results by simply restoring their nutritional balance. It’s not what you eat that matters, but what you absorb.

David Burke