The importance of minerals in the human body

Minerals are needed for the proper formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, heartbeat regulation, reproduction and foetal development.

A lack of minerals contributes to our increasing susceptibility to diseases such as:

  • Heart disease (magnesium deficiency)
  • Cancer (selenium deficiency)
  • Diabetes (chromium deficiency)
  • Mental illnesses (zinc deficiency)
  • Zinc is perhaps the most commonly deficient mineral and the most critical mineral for mental health.

The average vitamin and mineral intake of many people is half of the recommended daily allowance (RDA), meaning we are all radically deficient in the minerals needed to thrive. No wonder modern lifestyle diseases are plaguing humanity in epic proportions. Most food is farmed for bulk and not nutrition, so we are gradually getting much less value for our money.

Balancing minerals for disease prevention

The level of each mineral also has an effect, directly or indirectly, on every other mineral – so if the levels of one mineral are out of balance, your whole system will be affected. Therefore, it is critical that minerals are selected and combined in the correct ratios to ensure the maximum absorption.

At Celtic Nutrition, the arrangement and processes used to combine ingredients in our supplements is a crucial part of their potency. Minerals need to be arranged in a diamagnetic and paramagnetic fashion to be in balance. Minerals are like musical notes and groups of minerals are like chords in music. You can’t just throw all the notes you want together and expect to play a harmonious piece of music!

Minerals need to be correctly arranged and balanced, but most supplements do not take this need for harmony into account. When we listen to music we can hear the ‘off’ note, but with supplements it is more subtle.
Many manufacturers try and cover up this disharmony by simply adding more of the ‘off’ note to try and force the body to absorb it, but this makes the problem worse. Imagine a violin being played out of tune in an orchestra – if you then gave that violin additional amplification with a microphone it would make the disharmony even worse.

At Celtic Nutrition we have worked extensively to ensure each ingredient works in harmony with the rest and with your body.


The Celtic Nutrition Guarantee

Celtic Nutrition develops heart health supplements with exceptional quality, potency and bioavailability. The Celtic Nutrition quality mark guarantees that every ingredient in our product is:

  • Selected for optimum nutritional value not cost.
  • The highest purity and quality available.
  • Natural, organic and free of contamination.
  • Bioavailable and readily absorbed by your body.
  • Tested to ensure synergy with the other ingredients.

I see nutrition like music: minerals are notes that create chords when grouped together. You can’t just throw notes together and expect to play harmonious music. Even if each note is played well, correct arrangement is vital

David Burke