More and more quality studies are coming out which link the health of your body, specifically your heart, to the quality of your nutrition. Unfortunately science is slow to spread news to the general public and faces manipulation and disinformation from industries that lose out as a result of people naturally taking better care of their health, specifically the pharmaceutical industry.

There is often a set pattern of information manipulation, called disinformation, used to keep the public in the dark and keep powerful industries making immense profit from unnecessary suffering. Seven ways science is lying to you:

Bias: Industry conducted studies are massively financed and create bias in the volume of information.

Fake: Some studies have data removed or statistical manipulation to change the impact of the data.

Bribe: Scientists are paid to speak on behalf of industry and make the biased science seem legitimate.

Silence: Scientists who speak out against the profitable status quo are threatened and their reputation damaged.

Controversy: Empowering studies are belittled in the public eye by the media to make them seem trivial.

Fixed: Regulatory bodies are manipulated by money and heavily lobbied to influence policies.

Disguised: Many health organisations and charities, who seem unbiased, are in fact heavily funded by pharma.

Choosing to educate yourself with empowering science is the only way to overcome the industry brainwashing. Nutrition is medicine and science is slowly proving it.

Antioxidant Power

One of the most influential discoveries of our team has been astaxanthin a powerful carotenoid pigment. This immensely powerful antioxidant is derived from microalgae or certain seafood like salmon. The unique molecular structure of astaxanthin supports heart health even better than traditional antioxidants such as vitamin E or beta-carotene.  It reduces cardiovascular risk factors and promotes key heart health indicators (C-reactive protein, cholesterol and blood lipids).

Exciting results from several key clinical studies are clearly demonstrating that this powerful natural chemical reduces bad cholesterol and free fatty acids, encourages healthy blood flow and restores arterial health.

Astaxanthin reduces free radicals in the body and protects cells from oxidation (which is kind of like ‘rust’) reducing oxidative load and stress. Another key benefit is that astaxanthin is immune to oxidation, meaning that unlike other antioxidants it never becomes pro-oxidative.

The super-antioxidant powers which benefit the heart are combined with a number of other key health benefits including:

  • Protecting the eyes from UV-light and cataracts
  • Improving skin elasticity while reducing wrinkles
  • Supporting the immune system

We were so impressed with the emerging scientific evidence to suggest this powerful substance could be a game changer in nutritional health that we reformulated our product to include it. Find out more about the strong scientific evidence supporting another one of nature’s miracles in our nutritional science section.

Nutritional Science

Here is a selection of quality studies highlighting the relationship between nutritional and heart health:


Dietary choices which reduce the risk of heart disease

Vitamin B1 improves cardiac function improvement in Congestive Heart Failure

Vitamin B6 decreases levels of homocysteine in the blood

Vitamin B6 reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) reduces risk of heart attacks

Vitamin B7 (Biotin) plus Chromium reduce cardiovascular risk factors in diabetics

Vitamin C and Heart Health

Vitamin C supplementation to prevent heart disease

Vitamin D and the heart

Vitamin D reverses hypertension

Vitamin D reduces arterial stiffness

Vitamin D is correlated with lower heart disease rates

Vitamin D3 improves cardiac function and quality of life for heart failure patients

Vitamin K deficiency and heart disease

Vitamin K2 promotes cardiovascular health


Orthosilicic acid and bone formation

Orthosilicic acid increases aluminium excretion

Selenium and selenoproteins in the cardiovascular system

Selenium reduces cardiovascular risk factors

Chromium reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Chromium levels and cardiovascular risk in diabetics

The benefits of Celtic Sea Salt

Amino Acids

L-Arginine therapy in cardiovascular pathologies

L-Arginine supplementation and exercise metabolism

L-Citrulline enhances athletic performance

L-Citrulline improves erection hardness


Astaxanthin preserves cognitive function

Astaxanthin as a therapeutic agent in Cardiovascular Disease

Astaxanthin and prevention of atherosclerosis

Astaxanthin reduces inflammation and dermatitis

Astaxanthin reduces oxidative stress and protects the heart

Astaxanthin cosmetic benefits

Horsetail reduces inflammation

Horsetail reduces tumour growth

Potent health effects of pomegranate

Lycopene and cardiovascular disease

Healthy Fats

Omega 3 supplements and cardiovascular disease

Phytosterols and cholesterol metabolism

Phytosterols and cardiovascular health

Our Studies

At Celtic Nutrition we have been conducting our own studies into the energy enhancing and performance boosting effects of our supplements. The results of our pilot study can be found here