Celtic Nutrition

Our Story

Our Story

Celtic Nutrition is a 100% Irish-owned company committed to improving the health of the nation with natural health supplements that promote nutritional balance in the body for a healthy heart.

Inspired by the balance in nature, our passion is for naturally readdressing imbalances in the human body that contribute to modern lifestyle diseases. Our company was founded in Ireland based upon leading nutritionist David Burke’s extensive experience and knowledge in helping patients address the nutritional imbalances that contributed to their health problems.

David Burke - Celtic Nutrition

My experience has shown me that most diseases are not ‘genetic’ they are in fact caused by nutrient deficiencies. My patients have seen profound results by simply restoring their nutritional balance. It’s not what you eat that matters, but what you absorb.

David Burke

About David Burke

David Burke is a leading nutritionist based in Waterford, Ireland. He founded the David Burke Clinic in 2000 and since then the clinic has grown to great success, with local, national and international clients. He has worked extensively with world class athletes including Guinness world record holders, 24 hour Le Mans competitors, Tour de France cyclists, professional football players, hurlers and X-game competitors. David has guided his clients to achieve their goals and surpass personal expectations in a wide range of professional sporting disciplines.

From his early career in herbal medicine, to years of running a successful natural health clinic, David has proven himself to be a pioneer and industry leader in the field of holistic nutrition.

The Celtic Nutrition Approach

Nutrition, when correctly applied, has the power to restore health and wellbeing. Modern nutritional science is rapidly uncovering the immense healing power of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to prevent and treat disease. But the key is getting the nutritional balance correct.

Over 19 years of research conducted at the David Burke Clinic in Waterford, Ireland, has helped us develop powerful food supplements uniquely formulated to nourish the heart and vital organs. In his clinic David has supported people with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, bowel, hormonal and skin problems to restore their health and vitality with his ground-breaking nutritional approach.

Now using only organic and natural ingredients that have been specially selected for efficacy and performance in the human body, we are delighted to bring to market our heart health supplements that use the same principle to restore your health and well-being. Featuring the wonder ingredient Astaxanthin, Body Balance Healthy Heart promotes longer, healthier lives through the best of natural nutrition.

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