The relationship between mood, mind, memory and proper brain nutrition is yet another ‘modern’ discovery. But it makes sense, nourish your brain and it works optimally, we are meant to be happy and mentally fit! The western diet, high in Omega-6 has been linked to inflammation and anxiety.

For proper mental clarity and brain function we need to ensure our body receives the necessary nutrients.

There are over sixty neurotransmitters that regulate mood and memory.

You can boost your memory and mood by supporting specific pathways. Healthy omega 3 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants are essential. Boosting attention and concentration levels is easy when you support the neural pathways responsible.

This can sometimes be achieved through a balanced diet if the correct nutrients from fresh fruit, vegetables and animals products are being eaten. However, intensified food production methods lead to nutritional gaps, such as deficiency in Thiamine (Vit. B1) causes symptoms like confusion, irritability and fatigue.

There is an epidemic of anxiety and depression, maybe food is the answer and part of the problem?