Celtic Nutrition Body Balance

Healthy Heart nutritional supplements help you to take care of your cardiovascular health. The unique formulation of heart healthy vitamins and minerals in each capsule delivers optimised nutrition targeting the root causes of heart disease and circulatory problems.

1. Disease Prevention
Individuals with a personal or family history of heart attacks, strokes and circulatory problems can nourish their heart to significantly reduce the likelihood of disease. Eliminate the nutritional risk factors associated with cardiovascular problems.

2. Disease Recovery
You can speed up tissue repair and eliminate risk factors associated with cardiovascular complications. Remove plaque from the arteries and aid nutritional recovery with balanced nutrition for the heart and circulatory system.

3. Active People and Sporting Professionals
The body requires the correct micronutrients to support tissue repair, recovery from exercise and general wear and tear. Sports supplements ensure your body meets the nutritional requirements needed to exceed your energy demands.

4. Everybody!
We would all benefit from supporting the heart, blood and circulatory system. Restoring healthy blood flow, increasing cellular nourishment and improving energy efficiency, provides more time and energy to thrive and focus on living a long, healthy and happy life.

  • Vitamins and minerals are like water, our bodies need them every day!
  • Many people are unaware they have a nutritional gap until suffering the effects
  • Low energy levels are a serious and common symptom of chronic nutritional deficiency
  • The industrial production of food has devastated the nutritional quality of our food supply
  • Many people fail to reach the minimum nutritional levels needed to remain healthy
  • Quality supplementation has the power to bridge the nutritional gap

Sadly, there is a vast difference between supplements manufactured for profit and those designed to genuinely help. Empower yourself with nutritional knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your health.


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The Celtic Nutrition Guarantee

Celtic Nutrition develops heart health supplements with exceptional quality, potency and bioavailability. The Celtic Nutrition quality mark guarantees that every ingredient in our product is:

  • Selected for optimum nutritional value not cost.
  • The highest purity and quality available.
  • Natural, organic and free of contamination.
  • Bioavailable and readily absorbed by your body.
  • Tested to ensure synergy with the other ingredients.

I see nutrition like music: minerals are notes that create chords when grouped together. You can’t just throw notes together and expect to play harmonious music. Even if each note is played well, correct arrangement is vital

David Burke