Sadly the medical profession has overlooked the immense power of nutrition and instead promoted pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. Fortunately, times are changing and the world is starting to see that we, quite simply, are what we eat. At a cellular level nutrition has the power to rapidly enliven and invigorate cells and support the body to heal and regenerate.

Heart Disease

Despite extensive research, huge sums of money, specialist doctors and a stream of diets and drugs (including low cholesterol diets, cholesterol lowering butters, and yogurts, and not to mention statin drugs), death due to heart disease continues to rise.

The medical world applies a five-point check list to determine if you are a susceptible to heart disease. Sadly, getting sufficient nutrition doesn’t even appear on the list.

  1. History of heart disease
  2. History of diabetes
  3. High blood pressure
  4. High blood cholesterol
  5. Smoking

This series of questions has made no difference to heart disease, as it is now worse than ever, with even kids dying in school play grounds of sudden death syndrome.

What if the human body could be nourished with the nutritional components needed to thrive?

Disease Prevention

Minerals are needed for the proper formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, heartbeat regulation, reproduction and foetal development.

The level of each mineral has an effect, directly or indirectly, on every other mineral, so if one is out of balance your whole system is affected. It is critical than minerals are selected and combined in the correct ratios to ensure the maximum absorption.

A lack of minerals contribute to our increasing susceptibility to diseases such as:

  • Heart disease (magnesium deficiency)
  • Cancer (selenium deficiency)
  • Diabetes (chromium deficient)
  • Mental illnesses (zinc deficiency)

Zinc is perhaps the most commonly deficient mineral and the most critical mineral for mental health.

Sadly for many people the average vitamin and mineral intake is half of the RDA meaning we are all radically deficient in the minerals needed to thrive. No wonder modern lifestyle diseases are plaguing humanity in epic proportions. Most food is farmed for bulk and not nutrition so we are gradually getting much less value for our money.

Heart Health

Most cardiovascular problems are created by three core elements:

  • Lack of blood supply to the heart
  • Blood fluidity controlled by hormones
  • Inflexible vessels thickened with plaque

The ingredients in Celtic Nutrition’s Healthy Heart were chosen and carefully blended to prevent the three core problems that contribute to heart disease.