Brendon Roche, Co Wexford , 27

Peter Kirwan, Co waterford, 46

Eugene Corcoran Co Carlow, 64 years

Diarmuid Cullen, Enniscorthy, 23

Even though we have not been on the market long since we have produced the supplement we have had great success stories. Please see the full testimonials and feedback we have received

“Back in 2013 I suffered a heart attack and recovery was a long slow process. Up until a couple of months ago my energy levels were at rock bottom, I was taking my medications but I knew that taking 26 tablets a day was just wrong and I was constantly fearing that I might have another attack – considering I had a blood pressure test the day before my attack and I was told everything was perfect and to go home and rest!

I started taking “Healthy Heart” a couple of months ago and I’m really happy with the results so far. My tablets have been reduced to 9 per day, hopefully they continue to reduce. I feel I have a lot more energy, that I can accomplish more in the day and in general the whole “fuzzy” feeling is gone from my head, everything is a bit clearer. I’ll continue to take the supplement as I feel my health can only get better and I also get great peace of mind from knowing I’m really helping my heart by reducing the possibility of another attack. I couldn’t recommend this product enough! — Suzanne Power

“I’ve been on 2 blood pressure tablets for the last 20 years but since I started taking “Healthy Heart” supplement 6 weeks ago my blood pressure has reduced significantly to a mean 127/80 and I haven’t taken any blood pressure tablets for the last week. I would recommend these supplements to anyone who wishes to try and reduce their blood pressure in a healthy way — Betty Coogan

“Healthy Heart” has supported me hugely while training for IRONMAN Zurich. Even with a hectic training schedule, I noticed a couple of months in that I had much more energy and could concentrate longer — David Carr

“I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to optimize their nutritional intake. It has simplified all of my supplements immediately — Jane Dalton

“This product is simply amazing. For the last 10 years or so I noticed my energy levels reducing. I have been taking this for almost 3 months now and it has taken 15 years off my body clock. I now have all my family taking it. Thank you so much — Eugene Corcoran

Who should take Body Balance

Everyone who has a heart should take “Body Balance”!

Circulation is the process of bringing blood, oxygen and hormones to your cells and removing gases and waste products from your cells. Major organs involved in circulation are your heart and your lungs.

Your brain, much like your heart, is susceptible to damage. The Body Balance supplement helps everyone maintain the mineral balance of their bodies, paying extra attention to heart and vascular diseases.

  • Active People and sports professionals
  • Busy or stressed People
  • People who want to prevent Heart Disease
  • People recovering from Heart Disease