The David Burke Clinic (established in 2000) provides ground breaking nutritional support for international athletes, helping them achieve World Champion and Guinness Record breaking goals.

Nutritional Excellence

As an international athlete himself, David combines pioneering research in nutritional medicine, biotechnology and iridology with his passion for human potential. David’s expertise guides patients to uncover and rapidly resolve the nutritional root of health problems, instead of relying on drugs or surgery.

Over 15 years of clinical practice, helping thousands of patients to recover from illness and trauma naturally, has uncovered a shocking problem with the health of humanity. Despite an excess of food and rising levels of obesity, the majority of the Western World are chronically malnourished. The lack of proper nutrition in our diet is directly responsible for the needless deaths of millions of people each year.

Supplement Fraud

The supplement industry could, in theory, bridge the gap between nutritional needs and dietary nutrition. Unfortunately a lack of clinical evaluation, regulation and dissociation with the medical profession has created an industry which prioritises profit over products which have genuine value or effectiveness.

Many nutritional supplements contain more toxic chemicals and filling agents than active ingredients. Consumers are sold on attractive packaging and a long list of vitamins and minerals which have never been proved to work in harmony with each other or the body.

The Celtic Nutrition Body Balance range has been designed to be different, very different.

Therapeutic Nutrition

David’s experience guiding patients and world-famous athletes to optimal health has taught him a vital truth which lies at the heart of the Celtic Nutrition ethos:

“With the proper nutrients, in carefully chosen and ratios, the body can, and does, repair and renew itself.”

A passion for health and fitness combined with dismay at the state of the supplement industry drove David and his dedicated team of advisors and experts to develop their own solution.

A supplement which could combat the number one killer disease of our time.

According to the World Health Association 30% of the deaths worldwide are as a result of problems with the heart or circulatory system, collectively known as cardiac disorders. Despite immense investment from pharmaceutical companies, delivering enormous profits from a wide variety of drugs designed to combat the problems, we are no closer to a solution.

Over 17 million people die each year from diseases which could be prevented if the proper care and nutrition was applied to our bodies. Even children are dying from heart complaints with a dramatic rise in sudden death in young people.

Quality Guaranteed

The application of novel research, clinical experience and a team of dedicated experts have developed a natural, organic nutritional supplement which surpasses anything currently available in the market.

Tried and Tested

In addition to extensive laboratory testing to devise the most effective and stable formulation, Celtic Nutrition products have also been thoroughly approved by our patients.

Body Balance for a Health Heart tackles the 3 problems which are at the root of all heart and circulatory problems: thickening, hardening and blockage of blood vessels.

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