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Celtic Nutrition Healthy Heart

Feel better and improve your cardiovascular health with Healthy Heart nutritional supplements

Celtic Nutrition’s award winning Healthy Heart supplements are designed to promote heart health

The unique formulation of Healthy Heart’s herbs, vitamins and minerals in each capsule delivers optimised nutrition to help keep your heart healthy, while optimising your energy and immune system, so that you can function at your optimal level!

You can trust Celtic Nutrition’s Health Heart for the feeling of vitality that you deserve

Developed in Ireland by leading nutritionist David Burke based on 19 years of research and clinical experience, every vitamin and mineral in Healthy Heart has been carefully chosen and expertly combined to ensure maximum absorption in the body.  

Healthy Heart

Astaxanthin, the Wonder Ingredient

At Celtic Nutrition, one of the most influential discoveries of our team in the development of our flagship Body Balance Healthy Heart food supplement was the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin. This wonder ingredient is present naturally in many traditional diets around the world for example Japan and Asia where more people live longer, healthier lives free from chronic illness. A potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, the Astaxanthin in Body Balance plays a remarkable role in protecting the heart and reducing major cardiovascular risk factors.

Benefits of Body Balance - Healthy Heart

Our carefully formulated supplements help you to maintain the vitamin and mineral balance of your body, with special attention to supporting good heart and cardiovascular health.

body balance


Targets the nutritional deficiencies that cause cardiovascular problems.

improve Performance

Performance & Energy

Supports processes that enhance peak performance and energy.

body balance

Memory & Mood

Improves cognitive function and reduces mood swings.

improve fitness

Builds Immunity

Naturally boosts immune function and enhances cellular detoxification.

Discover the science behind Body Balance

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Our Product

Healthy Heart supplements are supplied in a bottle containing a 30-day supply.   There are 120 capsules per bottle to be taken 4 capsules per day.

30 Days

Body Balance – Healthy Heart
1 month nutritional supplement
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90 Days

Body Balance Healthy Heart
165 3 months nutritional supplement

360 Days

Body Balance Healthy heart
590 1 year nutritional supplement

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