Celtic Nutrition was set up in 2013 with the specific goal to develop natural food supplements to help fight many ailments and conditions. The aim is to do this in an organic natural way without the inclusion of synthetic products or drugs.

David Burke’s background

David set up the David Burke Clinic in 2000 and this has grown exponentially over the time to become a very successful clinic. David sees people from all over the country and even internationally. Over this time David’s treatment and research regarding various ailments/ conditions with his patients brought him to the realisation that with the proper nutrients when these are carefully chosen and ratios determined the body can in many cases repair and renew itself.

David has spent many years studying irodoligy, which is the study of the iris of your eye. This can identify the systems and organs in your body and highlight those that are not in balance or not functioning properly. Over the years in private practise David has prepared many treatments for this patients himself, however this lead to a problem with a growing practise that any treatments that were successful would then have to be produced on a much larger scale. This then lead to the development of Celtic Nutrition which through research could then produce and bring to the market a range of products for various ailments and conditions.

Having looked at many other companies in the market place who produce food supplements it would appear many of these are more interested in selling products and increasing turnover. However David was determined that he would only get involved in the manufacture of products that would be produced following detailed research to ensure each product was created to aid specific conditions and illnesses. It was a great shock to David to realise that many companies produce products that have more GMO ingredients, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners, excipients and non functional filling agents in their capsule than active ingredients. David always says “we all have been told enough times you are what you eat so therefore you better not eat harmful chemicals”

David decided that if he was to help people on a large scale with his knowledge the first product should be the number one killer in the world “HEART DISEASE”. He said “it’s amazing with all the research, money, fantastic doctors, latest technology, low fat diets, low cholesterol diets, cholesterol lowering butters, cholesterol lowering yoghurts and not to mention statin drugs heart, disease is on the rise”

The medical world follow the five point rule to check if you have

  • History of heart disease
  • History of diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High blood cholesterol
  • If you smoke

Despite all the above it has made no difference to heart disease as it is now worse than ever. Even children are dying in school playgrounds of sudden death syndrome which seems to be much more common now than ever before.

The world health organisation’s own figures state that 17.4million people or 30% of the deaths worldwide are caused by cardiovascular disorders.

David’s Training to Date

  • National Diploma in Biology
  • National Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Distinction in Nutritional Medicine
  • National & International Athlete

David’s Training & Experience

  • David has set up three clinics with international clientele
  • David has worked with and guided many famous athletes inc. Guinness Book of Records Holder s, 24Hr Le Monde competitors and many other international famous people.
  • David has also developed what he refers to as the “weed plan” which is designed to get to the root of your health problem rather than giving you drugs or surgery to deal with the symptoms as the first option.

David has been working with and train many sports stars for the past 15 years to achieve their world champion level goals.